Delphi Survey on Future Trends in Automation Technologies

PILLARS will run a global Delphi survey to gather different views on the future trends in emerging automation technologies, the industries that will adopt them and the tasks they will perform. To that purpose, we want to hear from technology experts in business, workers’ associations, inventors, researchers, and civil society organizations.

We will invite technology specialists in all industries and regions to participate in an interactive online survey that will allow participants to share their views and, in real-time, discuss the views shared by other experts.

What does the interactive survey involve?

In the survey we will ask you to share with other experts which technologies you believe are most likely to become widely adopted and which tasks they will perform. We will ask you to focus on the industry you are most familiar with.

How you will it help?

By taking part, you will be:

  • Building a picture of which skills should be prioritised in the next 10 years to maximise the benefits of automation for all
  • Increasing productivity across industries by improving our understanding of future task automation
  • Making sure that different areas of expertise are included in debates on the future of technologies and labour, including yours!

What will you gain?

The survey will count on the participation of more than two thousand practitioners across countries and sectors. Using innovative and interactive research software techniques, you will be able to refine your understanding of the future of automation and labour.

The results of the survey will contribute to understanding the future impacts of automation technologies on employment. Findings will be shared with industry associations, education organisations, and policymakers worldwide. Taking part in this survey is an opportunity for you to share your views with them.

The survey platform will open at the end of the summer 2022. If you are interested in participating, please contact us: