Join the International Stakeholders Platform of the PILLARS project!

What is the International Stakeholders Platform (ISP)? It is YOUR opportunity to engage with key policy makers in the government, academia, industry and civil society sectors, as well as, with the PILLARS project team to support the development of inclusive and evidence-based labour market policies.

The members of the ISP will play a crucial role in the PILLARS project. Their experiences, ideas and feedback on our findings and tools will influence a course of the project and its outputs. Our project team is open for collaboration and co-creation to ensure usefulness of project outputs for YOU and other policy makers.

Why should YOU join?

  • Learn about inclusive labour market policies and innovative practices in Europe and globally. Gain insight into the past and future impacts of technology, trade, structural change, migration and skill requirements on labour market outcomes.
  • Shape the development of policy tools that are useful for YOUR work and be the first to test them.
  • Gain visibility of YOUR organisation and make YOUR views, achievements and experiences heard.
  • Expand YOUR professional network and participate in discussions on policies for the future of work even beyond this project.
  • Gain access to innovative, regional workshops and meet experts that can support YOUR work.
  • Contribute to the well-functioning of labour markets in the EU and globally.

What is expected from the ISP members?

The members of the ISP are expected to participate in online meetings four times a year, starting from December 2021, until the end of the project (December 2023).

Who is invited to join the ISP?

Policy makers (from Europe and beyond) working in the government, academia, industry and civil society sectors at regional/national or international levels that have experience and/or interest in the future of work.

The number of members in the ISP is limited! Please express your interest by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Type of stakeholder (academic, policy maker, civil society, private sector, other please specify)
  • Country
  • Thematic interest
    • Migration, Labour Mobility
    • Education and Training / Skill Adaptation
    • Innovation and Industrial Policies / Smart Specialization
    • Other, please specify
  • Motivation for joining ISP as well as a CV.

The final selection of ISP members is expected in September/October and the first ISP meeting will be held at the end of 2021.

Internatioanl Stakeholder Platform - sign up: