Quo Vadis Labour Market? Exploiting AI to Study the Impact of Technology in Reshaping Jobs

Fabio Mercorio, Mario Mezzanzanica and Andrea Seveso

Pillars Report


Which occupations will grow in the future and where? What skills will be demanded the most in the next years? How technology and digitalisation will affect existing and well-consolidated occupations? Those are the questions at the forefront of the policy debate among economists and policymakers. To address these questions, data-driven and real-time analysis of the labour market is needed to catch novelties - in terms of skills and new emerging jobs - as soon as they emerge from the labour market demand. We employ AI-based techniques (i.e., word-embedding (Mikolov et al., 2013)) to classify OJA related to Information and Communication Technology (aka, ICT) to (i) identify OJA demands for new jobs related to technology (e.g., AI specialist, Cloud Computing, etc.) and (ii) to classify OJA using the CEN (the European Committee of Standardisation) classification of technology-related jobs.