Ana-Maria Stancu
CEO of Bucharest Robots (Romania)
Ana-Maria has been in the NGO field for more than 20 years, she was the Executive Director of the largest NGO in Romania on human rights, advocacy and public policy, and is currently the CEO of Bucharest Robots, the first Romanian start-up in the field of humanoid and service robots and member of the Board of euRobotics – the European Association for civil robotics. Throughout her extensive work in the NGO field and now as an advocate of robotics and automation, Ana-Maria is constantly involved in gathering data and providing feed-back on the social-economical implications of the new technologies such as robotics and AI and their potential impact, both on a national and European level. As a member of the Expert Stakeholder Group in PILLARS she aims at contributing to the development of policy recommendations regarding new skills for the future labour market both from the perspective of an advocate for human rights and equality, as well as from the perspective of CEO of a robotics company. Ana-Maria believes that we need new solutions regarding education and to incorporate new technologies in the educational system, in order to create citizens prepared for the new labour market as well as citizens that are informed users of technology.