Cheryl Miller Van Dÿck
Director, Digital Leadership Institute (Belgium)

Cheryl Miller Van Dÿck is Director of the Digital Leadership Institute, a Brussels-based international NGO promoting inclusive digital transformation, and recognized by the UN in 2019 for its global leadership in diversity and inclusion in digital fields. In 2018, Google and the Financial Times placed Cheryl among the 100 Digital Pioneers of Europe, and in the same year, Cheryl received a coveted "GLOMO" Global Mobile Industry Leader Award for her grassroots work promoting digital equity around the world.

Currently, Cheryl serves as Head of EU Delegation to the G20 Women20 engagement group, Co-Chair of Italy's W20 Digital Working Group, Chair and President of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (Europe), Women's Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador, and AWS Cloud Ambassador. Cheryl also advises European Commission projects on Ethics in AI, and diversity, equity and inclusion in RD&I.

Cheryl has held progressive leadership roles in the automotive, telecom, cybersecurity and banking sectors in Japan, Europe, Russia and the US. She has spent the last decade advocating at the highest level and leading global digital skills and entrepreneurship campaigns that leverage disruptive technologies for the world's most under-served communities.

Her interest in the PILLARS project is to ensure that women and girls are equitably prepared to design, build and lead in the workforce of the future.