Esteban Pelayo
Director of the European Association of Regional Development Agencies (EURADA)
Esteban Pelayo is the director of the European Association of Regional Development Agencies (EURADA) since 2015. The association has members in 23 European countries and is dedicated to facilitating mutual learning and collaboration between regional development practitioners. Previously, he worked in the development agency of Murcia (Spain) as an expert in intellectual property and coordinating the network of technology centres. He started his professional career at the University of Alicante in 1996 facilitating research cooperation and technology transfer between university and business. I studied agricultural engineering and I have a master and postgraduate studies in innovation management.

As a member of the Expert Stakeholder Group in PILLARS Esteban aims to learn possibilities to improve skills support policies as a mechanism for economic development. He would like to  facilitate the cooperation between development agencies and education entities to establish training programmes that are forward-looking and permanently adapted to the needs of the territories.