ifo Institute — Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich

ifo Institute

The ifo Institute shapes the economic policy debate in Germany and Europe, by combining excellent research with economic policy relevance. Our research findings provide policymakers and business leaders with a basis for making informed decisions. Researchers from the ifo Center of Industrial Organisation and New Technologies, the Center of International Institutional Comparisons and Migration Research and the Center for International Economics are involved in the project.




Prof. Oliver Falck
Prof. Lisandra Flach
Prof. Panu Poutvaara
Valentin Lindlacher
Dr. Nina Czernich
Dr. Yvonne Giesing
Joop Adema
Britta Rude
Clara Albrecht
Andreas Baur
Dr. Feodora Teti
Tanja Stitteneder
Isabella Gourevich
Dr. Sebastian Wichert
Dr. Michael Rindler