Welcome to the Pillars Toolkit!

This toolkit represents a repository of resources that can help regional and/or national policymakers to ensure an inclusive labour market, while capitalising on opportunities created by automation technologies (i.e., referred to as technological transformation).

The toolkit aims to support achievement of three policy goals:

  1. Prevent and mitigate job displacement, following adoption of automation technologies;
  2. Stimulate creation of innovative and inclusive jobs, powered by automation technologies;
  3. Support employers and employees during job transformation, following adoption of automation technologies.
  • Job displacement refers to involuntary job loss and redundancies for employees, following eliminations of tasks or of types of jobs.
  • Job transformation implies a change in the nature of work and of the workplace itself.
  • Innovation job creation refers to the process of creation of new jobs due to adoption of automation technologies.
  • Inclusive job creation refers to the process of creation of new jobs that stimulate inclusion, especially for people who were previously unemployed or inactive on the labour market.

The toolkit includes: